As is well known, glass is a material that gives elegance and lightness by inserting itself in the surrounding context without distorting it.

This feature is of particular importance in the enclosure of spaces that should not be muffled.

Vetreria Brunetta will be able to provide its consultancy to create solutions suitable for interior, as well for exterior spaces.

Without forgetting that the glass (as an alternative to iron and nets) is also a wind barrier: the transparency features of the material avoid that “closing” effect that is typical of building “walls”.

The technical solutions are among the most varied (and on this we invite you to contact our offices to choose the ones that best suit your needs) and among them we have to include fencesĀ in which the support is placed underground to get a better aesthetic result (eliminating, this way, any need for maintenance). Obviously nothing prevents the installation on the existing floor by choosing fixing systems designed to not distort the desired final effect.

Lastly, Vetreria Brunetta never forgets to concern about the safety of the recommended solutions: various laminated glass options guarantee a particular resistance to mechanical stresses (also in large sheets). In order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance,we also propose a coating that gives the glass a strong weather- resistance.

We invite you, then, to contact our offices to study together a solution that can meet your needs. Vetreria Brunetta will be able to follow you at every stage: from design to installation of your new fence.