Vetreria Brunetta – as mentioned on the homepage and in the “Tables” section – is equipped with a highly innovative production line for ceramics processing, even starting from large slabs.

One of the most appreciated applications of this material is that of covering walls exposed to particular stresses and /or humidity, running water and liquids in general. And this is why porcelain stoneware is nowadays widely used for bathroom tiles, showers, top of kitchens and the surrounding walls.

Vetreria Brunetta, being able to count on a flexible production line, is able to offer custom-made cuts. With undoubted advantages on the range of adoptable technical solutions. Just think of showers covered with slabs of stoneware (custom-made) fitting the wall, completely eliminating the necessity of the joints (where, as we all know, the dirt lurks); a top of a kitchen with the possibility of using the same material also for the tiles of the room; to custom-made coverings of a wall exposed to particular stresses to minimize the need for cement grout joints (thus resolving once and for all the risk of annoying infiltrations).

We have named only some of the possibilities offered by a custom-made covering of your environments (interior and exterior).

We leave you the possibility to contact our offices to study those that best fit your needs and to give you an estimate on the work.