Some type of glass, if chosen by experts, are suitable for little-known applications.
Vetreria Brunetta – thanks to the technical skills acquired in fifty years of activity – is able to suggest walkable and drivable glass surfaces both for interiors and exteriors.

Without listing here all the possibilities and technical solutions that can be adopted, just try to imagine for a moment a glass parapet that can be walked on but suspended in the void, a glass cover for the openings of your house basement or a glass driveway.

Why glass is suitable for walkable and driveways in total safety? For these uses laminated sheets joined together  create an aggregate of considerable thickness that has a remarkable resistance to bending.
Furthermore, a film is inserted between the sheets,which means that, even in case of breakage, the fragments do not disperse in the surrounding environment.

The particular resistance characteristics of glass used in walkable and drivable surfaces do not exclude a wide choice of possible aesthetic solutions: a transparent base, as well as a satin, sandblasted, silk-screened finish, etc.

But this is not enough. Walkable and drivable surfaces can also be made of stoneware or sintered stone: steps, driveways etc. Obviously the cut of the material is performed directly by us, avoiding the need to use tiles of dimensions that do not fit the place of installation.

The possibilities, therefore, are among the most varied and our offices are at your disposal to evaluate together materials and technical solutions that can (in total safety) meet your needs.